Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Garter Snake Pictures

Garter Snake
Description: Average adult size is 20-28 inches (50.8-71.1 cm), record is 48.75 inches (123.8 cm). Adults are greenish with a light tan or gray mid-dorsal stripe. There is an additional light tannish stripe on each side of the body occupying the 2nd and 3rd dorsal scale rows above the belly. There are alternating rows of dark spots on each side between the mid-dorsal and lateral stripes. Light reddish-tan fleckings may also be present. The belly is uniform whitish-green. The scales of the upper lip are outlined with black markings. The scales are keeled, and there are 19 dorsal scale rows at midbody. The pupil is round. Juveniles are similar to that of adults.

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